About :

My workshop is situated in the artist's workshops of Kibbutz Ein carmel. Besides renovation and restoration Of antique furniture, the restoration of antique doors and windows is also undertaken.


I was born on Kibbutz Yizreel and studied art at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, Holland. I worked for nine years in the restoration workshop of Hans Grunich and Yair mor in Tel Aviv, as well as a 14 year period in my own independent workshop.


I specialize in restoring antique furniture, as well as doors and windows in the classic system. The last project undertaken was the renovation and restoration of doors and windows in the Museum of the first Aliya in Zichron Yaakov.

I have had much experience in restoring many pieces of antique furniture from the most complicated to the most simple.


Work process:

The work undertaken in the workshop is carried out in the classic and traditional restoration process. Great care is taken to carry out work in the most exact and authentic fashion.

The renovation undertaken includes cleaning the piece of furniture, various carpentry repairs using woods of the same kind, carving and engraving if needed, repairing veneer usually demanding complicated inlays, repairing and strengthening the framework, adding suitable hardware and more.


I specialize in traditional finishes such as hand polishing- taking into account the shades of woods, using additional painting techniques according to the  needs.


Even articles in bed condition can be restored!


I strive for excellence and professionalism in my work and every effort is made to finish repairs in time.

I have direct contact with my customers and take responsibility for the quality of my work and the materials used.

The workshop has a work license for working in heights, as well as experience in managing complicated projects.



YARIV FRIEDMAN Tel: 0522272963/ 0526340881


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